Grace VanderWaal's Instagram Live Stream from November 21th 2020.

Grace VanderWaal | Instagram Live Stream | 21 November 2020

Grace VanderWaal’s Instagram Live Stream from November 21th 2020.

Who is Grace VanderWaal?

Grace Avery VanderWaal (born January 15, 2004). She is an American singer-songwriter. VanderWaal began her musical career by posting videos of her original songs and covers on YouTube. She won the 11th season of the NBC TV competition show America’s Got Talent (AGT), singing her original songs in September 2016, at age 12. She released her first EP, Perfectly Imperfect, on the Columbia Records label. Grace released a full-length album, Just the Beginning in Novermber 2017. Grace won the 2017 Radio Disney Music Award for Best New Artist and a Teen Choice Award. Also named to Billboard magazine’s 21 Under 21 list of fast-rising young music stars in four time (2016–2019). In 2017, Grace received the 2017 Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award. Also She is the youngest person ever included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Music List. She has more than 3.6M Followers on IG.

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  1. Vw- I almost fell over watching you on agt- you, nightbird ( god rest her body and soul), and the girl who sang the seventh grade song- but I wrote before I heard Simon cowell say it- thst you might be the next Taylor swirly. Here is my concern and I say this with love. You’re beauty comes form you being real. I may have to steal the pink bob for myself when I grow my hair back out- just remember this- Hollywood and stardom can be a crushing force. All the media is great- I’m so faberhasted by the videos and things tht people do or social media- and I have watched some of your social media as well. Your efforts to teach music in schools and to take the time to do good is a thing you should never stop doing. I think you should start a foundation to continue to promote this – hawaii is a great place- work with the school system there to be a rotating teacher- and to donate to their system or even politically to help with promoting the lottery for educational improvements in hawaii- it’s ridiculous how poorly funded the public education is there. I would also perhaps suggest the charter schools as a avenue for a rotational music community program perhaps done distantly- maybe you could have a world record of most ukulele singers to perform you original song I don’t know my name love and see what you can do to spread the funds- like a we are the world but you could call it vw for a song filled life- and then pick a cuase- saving the planet in small communities would be a great one. Just promise me- so not let yourself become too much involved with this media- yes do it. It take yourself off this bullshit and take off your makeup and don’t think about image of getting a gathering more fans etc- I think body and facial dimorphisor whatever the terms is for people who don’t see themselves accurately stems from this obsessive stardom’s thing- you don’t want to become like so many celebrities who loose who they are and start getting plastic surgeries. It isn’t your looks that made us love you. It was your infectious spirit and happy go lucky self. You smile a lot less and you seem compressed. Do fun freeing things- go and take yourself on a hang gliding adventure, arc in the i dunes or zip line. Look for ways to untangle the pressure box. I am worried. You don’t want to burn the spark out. Also you look kinda stoned- I don’t know if you’re starting to rely on bentos or cannabis to relax but girl you don’t want to have that problem. Seek help from a licensed professional if it’s too much. I’m just saying- I could be so totally wrong. Love you lots!! Question: are you related to the van see wall physiatrist, I read that the force of suction that a gecko uses to be able to walk upside down on a ceiling is Vanderwalls’s theory, years before I encountered your performance- also get a dog- a frenchie or a Boston is a good friend and compact enough to be indoors. A dot will help you with any emotional stress you ever have. Their unconditional love, their anility to live in the moment and their fun attitudes will keep you from becoming too media and remind you what is important

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